The End of January

Published on: January 28th, 2014 by Hank Goldstein

Thank the Lord! It’s almost over.

January is the month of resolutions: so much is foresworn. And then comes February.

I have a friend who, for years, has been using more than one donor advised fund to manage his philanthropy. He is still relatively young and continues to accrete wealth through a company he founded and built. His total wealth is probably greater than the assets of the regional community foundation; he now believes that he has outgrown the DAF and should set up a foundation both to deal with his philanthropic  interests as well as to involve his two kids. But for him taking that step is right up there with scheduling root canal.

Many people procrastinate when  it comes to tending their money. The reasons are many and there is a vast  literature  on the general theme of money and people’s attitudes toward it regardless of how much or how little they have.

Betsy Bush and I can help you begin a conversation. Either or both of us; we’re good  listeners. Just talking through  with an objective, knowledgeable but empathic outsider – and with no obligation on either side – is a resolution you can keep. Beats root canal!


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