• You know how to build wealth; you've done it. But many donors who want to build a foundation, for whatever reason, often lack the time, interest or know-how to evaluate a charity's performance, often, for example, confusing accountability with achievement.

  • You already have an accountant, a wealth or investment advisor. He or she properly focuses on what they know best: money. There is enormous variability in what they may really know about the philanthropic process or a given organization's ability to work effectively and efficiently with your generous grant. That's where we come in.

  • There is no real way for you to gauge the effectiveness of the particular causes or the institutions you may want to support. Guidestar, Charity Navigator or the Better Business Bureau are important resources but they really can't tell you how well your grant will be utilized - or the charity's innate ability to fulfill your trust. Or not.

  • We help you provide support that is the most meaningful to you and the most useful to the causes you care about. Is your focus research? Scholarships? General operating support? Specific programs? Capital or infrastructure? Do you want to support one organization or several in a community? Or several organizations working on the same issues from different angles or in different geographic regions?


  • Inspiring Family Philanthropy

  • Family Foundation Management / Counsel, LLC
  • 118 Wooster Street, Suite 2CD
  • New York, NY 10012
  • 212 481 0149
  • 38 East Street
  • Stockbridge MA 01262
  • 413 298 3385


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118 Wooster Street, Suite 2CD
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